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More Adoptionz

Hey! It's Scamp again! Here you can adopt some of my babies or my friend's babies! If you would like to adopt a kitten first, consider if you would like to adopt one of the catz in the shelter, if not them email Alyssa your
Name of Kitten:
Why you want it: (Please dont say "cause it's cute")
Alyssa's email is


The gray Kitten is up for adoption not the black cat.
Name: Danny
Gender: male
Breed: siamise/ maine coon/ tabby/ russian blue/ b+w short hair
Fixed: no
Other info: He is A little roudy but he will calm down
You will have to wait a few days untill I can give him to you because he is still newborn.


Name: Whisp
Gender: Female
Breed: Alley Cat/Persian (I call it the ruff persian)
Fixed: no
Other Info: She is a sweetie and will be good for breeding!


Name: Sal
Gender: female
Breed: Alley Cat
Fixed: no
Other Info: She is loving but she is not a good cat to breed she is just too hyper.


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